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Introducing BTCNaira OTC 2.0 with WAVES coin and Affiliate Program

Today we are thrilled to introduce a new version of our Over The Counter(OTC) cryptocurrency buying and selling service.
The new version consists of a new price algorithm with on-fly user validation which automatically delivers realtime normal order and bulk order rate, making it cheaper and faster for users.
Not just that, it also comes with affiliate program which will make it fun to earn as much as you want when people buy or sell using your referral code.

Introducing WAVES coin

We have just added WAVES coin on the platform, and you can now view realtime market price in Naira, Dollars, Pounds and Euro.
You can also buy and sell WAVES via our OTC service.

How normal and bulk order price algorithm works
In other to offer better rates for users who buy or sell cryptocurrencies on the platform, each digital cryptocurrency we support now have low volume and bulk volume, our new price algorithm checks for this and let you know in realtime how much a normal order would cost and how much a bulk order would cost.
Generally, making a bulk order request will mean cheaper rate when buying or higher rate when selling.
We believe giving the choice to users on this one will further affirm our position on transparency and working in interest of the users, adding the fact that realtime market price is always shown at the top navigation on the platform.

Introducing Bank Transfer Payment
In this update, we introduced Bank Transfer option without the need to contact us and a simple verification which requires you to snap a selfie with your ID.
NOTE: Card Payment, Cash Deposit and Selling Cryptocurrencies does not require ID verification.

Refer and Earn ₦1,000
Our Affiliate Program allows anyone to earn as much as they want by generating a referral code using only their phone number.
All you need to do is generate a referral id or link by visiting https://www.btcnaira.com.ng/p/affiliate.html and share it on forums, social channels or with friends.
Each time anyone buy or sell bulk trade using your referral code or link, you get paid ₦1,000 commission on the order; credited to your number instantly via wallet ng payment service.
You can withdraw to bank anytime you want.
Once you refer a new user, you get to earn on every bulk order they fulfill afterwards.

1% Fee Rebate Promo for Buyers and Sellers
As from today, any user who buy or sell using a referral code will earn a 1% rebate on order fee paid.
Rebates are paid via wallet ng payment service to the user phone number.

That’s a wrap! We hope you like the new updates as we strive to serve you better.

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